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Projection Clock

Projection Clock

This projection clock or ceiling clock is an analogue clock equipped with a projector that creates an enlarged image of the clock face on any suitable projection screen, most often the ceiling or a wall.The advantage this projection clock has is that the clock can be placed almost anywhere, even on surfaces difficult to install traditional clocks. Using a halogen bulb, the clock projects a bright clear colour image, as large as 3 feet or more in diameter onto your wall or ceiling. This can be seen up to 15 metres in the dark or daylight, and is ideal, unless you have a room the size of a sports hall!With adjustable magnification you can vary and focus the size of the clock face, the clock is also sound activated, which means if you clap your hands you’ll have the calming and hypnotic site of the clock face projected onto the ceiling or wall in an instant. You then have the option for the projection to switch itself off after about 10 15 seconds, or you can make a noise loud enough to de activate it. It does take quite a substantial sound to activate, so there’s no need to worry about it flashing on and off if you’re a heavy snorer!

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