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LED Watch

LED Watch

You can almost imagine James Bond 007 walking into the casino wearing the Neo Classic LED Watch and settling into a game of poker. After cleaning the casino out and spotting his arch enemy leaving, 007 would simply reach to his wrist and unleash hell with the touch of a button without breaking a sweat; almost certainly killing his enemy and saving the world from tyranny at the hands of some unruly cult leader hell bent on world domination!Ok, so we exaggerated a little on the watches capabilities but it certainly wouldn’t look out of place in 007’s armoury of gadgets. A seductively soft leather strap wraps itself around your wrist and is connected to a stunning brushed metal face and classy glass black dial. The black dial acts to accentuate the effect of the bright red LED display. The display can be set to either 12 24 hour or date displays and has 5 brightness settings. Not content with this impressive list of attributes; new micro electronic technology combines with the classic LED display to give the highest levels of accuracy and battery life possible battery included. The Neo classic LED watch is set to become a classic, if not for it 70’s drawn inspiration and nostalgic feel then for the quality it exudes and its ease of use. Even MI5 have been snooping about trying to get their hands on a few... well maybe that’s another exaggeration, but the Neo Classic certainly won’t disappoint!

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