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Griffin iMic

Griffin iMic

The Griffin iMic universal audiosound adapter is a USB device that adds stereo input and output and mic input to your Mac or PC, allowing you to connect almost any microphone or sound input device to your iBook, Titanium PowerBook, PowerMac, iMac or other Mac or PC with a USB port. Yes, iMic supports both Mic level and line level input. It also supports line level output for connecting speakers or an external recording device.Final Vinyl for Mac OS XiMic is the essential piece of kit for converting your old LPs and audio tapes onto MP3s and CDs, plus enhanced results for recording guitars and other musical instruments.Griffin's audio recording software Final Vinyl for Mac OS X included for free with the iMic makes recording old records and tapes really easy, with several advanced features such as waveform based cue editing and built in 10 band EQ. Final Vinyl can also equalize LPs without having to connect a turntable to a pre amp. Just hook the turntable directly to the iMic, and Final Vinyl will record your LPs perfectly.iMic's audio is superior to your computer’s built in soundcard because it uses USB for the audio signal. USB isolates the audio signal from the loud electronics in your Mac or PC, giving you higher quality sound when you record, which then provides higher quality sound for external speakers. The iMic not only provides amazingly high quality performance but is surprisingly inexpensive and is a must have gadget if you are serious about getting high quality audio in or out of your computer. FAQsWhat is the iMic Is it a microphone MacThe iMic is basically a ‘sound card on a cable.’ It allows you to record and play digital audio using your USB equipped computer. Some computers like the Macintosh iBook, G4 Cube, Titanium PB, and numerous PC laptops rely on USB for complete audio support; others have limited or no audio hardware. The iMic is not a microphone, but rather an InputOutput device using a 3.5mm jack, that lets you connect standard audio products such as microphones, headphones, home stereo equipment, VCRs, musical instruments and virtually any other line level or mic level audio device.What drivers do I install for the iMic PCWhat drivers do I install for the iMic PCThere aren’t drivers necessary for the iMic. If your operating system is USB Audio aware XP does this best, your Mixer will see the iMic as an InputOutput device. Simply go to Sounds and Audio Devices in your Control Panel and select the iMic as your recording device and your computer's sound card as your playback device.How Do I Record LPs Onto My PC in Plain EnglishFirst connect your device let's say it's a turntable to the input of the iMic.Once connected to the ‘IN’ on the iMic, you will flip the switch on the iMic to ‘line’ if you're using a line out of your receiver that would be the red and white RCA type connectors or ‘mic’ if you're using the output of the turntable. Plug the iMic into a USB port on your computer. ‘Mic’ mode engages the iMic's internal preamp, which you'll probably need to boost the signal of the turntable.In your control panel, go to Soundsaudio devices. Make your soundcard your playback device and the iMic your recording device.Install Audacity. Open Audacity, go to preferences under File and make your soundcard your playback device and the iMic your recording device. Choose 2 channel stereo. Be sure to check the box that says ‘software playthrough.’ Close Preferences. Now you're ready.If you click PAUSE and then click RECORD, you should be able to now hear audio come through your computer speakers and you can cue up your tape, record, etc.The controls in Audacity are pretty simple, red circle is Record, brown box is Stop, etc. Just be sure that when you save a file, you actually choose ‘export’ under File and export it as a WAV. Audacity will ask you to name the file and say where you want it to be saved. I would save it to the desktop, so I could just drag it to iTunes if I wanted to burn a disk.Also, make sure in iTunes, to check your preferences. Go to your iTunes preferences under Edit, and under ‘Advanced’ make sure iTunes imports files using the ‘AIFF’ encoder. Under the burning tab, make sure ‘Audio CD’ is selected. This way the disks you make will play easily in anybody's CD player.

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