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Finger Drums

Finger Drums

Finger Drums The Finger Drums are a tuneful way of relieving stress, boredom and unmotivated fingers! It’s a well known fact that whenever there’s a drum kit about, everyone wants a go. It’s no different with the incredible mini electronic drum kit that is Finger Drums! Think how proud and cool you’ll look when you master finger drumming and then brag about it to all your friends and family as they try and have a go themselves!   Finger Drums is officially famous – it’s even been cited on the Chris Moyle’s show! And when something’s made it onto there, you know it’s really made it! A perfect solution to boredom in the office or on the go, Finger Drums will definitely be a talking point and solve that ‘I can’t take my drum kit anywhere’ dilemma! About the Finger Drums The Finger Drums are a realistic miniature set of authentic drums, including a cymbal, small and large Tom Tom’s, bass drum and snare! When each Finger Drum is hit, it releases its own wicked sound and lights up! The Finger Drums are designed to be played by your fingertips, but you can use pencils, chop sticks, and hair clips – whatever! The Finger Drums make a wicked racked when hit in sequence or individually! The Finger Drums feature a demo mode which you can have great fun passing off as your own work! The Finger Drums are silver and purple with the cool Finger Drums logo in the middle of the main drum! The Finger Drums include batteries The Finger Drums measure approximately 17 cm x 14.5 cm x 10 cm The Finger Drums are suitable for budding drummers from 5 years Think of all those times you’ve hit the digits on your trusty keyboard at work – those fingers have secretly been in training for the Finger Drums Olympics – your chance to shine as the twinkle fingered Finger Drums musical prodigy! Hit it! Finger Drums are a remarkable invention that lets you ease all your pent up anger and frustration just as you would on a normal drum kit! Though Finger Drums challenges you to train your fingers up to the task of being a drumming extraordinaire as drum sticks are definitely not an option here! The terrific and touch sensitive Finger Drums includes a Snare Drum, Bass Drum with working pedal, two Tom Tom’s and a cymbal for that harmonious touch! As if that wasn’t cool enough, the Finger Drums also have built in internal LED’s which illuminate each drum so you create your own mini rock n roll show! If you’re not creative enough to work out your own method of play, there’s a cheat’s way out – the demo mode! Simply switch on and either pretend you’re playing no one will be any the wiser trust us! or practice to be as good! The cool thing about Finger Drums is that you can use them literally anywhere and in the most unsuitable of situations! Why not slip the Finger Drums into your bag and whip them out on the train in those awkward ‘don’t talk to strangers’ silences! Or why not whack the Finger Drums randomly and sneakily amidst the aisles of the library – hiding your Finger Drums every time the austere librarian comes huffing along! For children and adults alike, Finger Drums are a little bit crazy, a little bit cool and a hell of a lot of fun! Boom over to Find Me A Gift to get yours today! What’s in the Finger Drums Box 1 x set of Finger Drums batteries are included Why You Should Buy From Us! 30 day money back guarantee Low price guarantee  Loyalty points discount off future orders  Excellent customer service Next day delivery available Finger Drums

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