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Black Ghost Remote Control Helicopter

Black Ghost Remote Control Helicopter

Black Ghost The name alone conjures images of something sleek, stealthy and almost incorporeal. This miniature marvel is ideal for flying indoors with its super stable flight. There are numerous helicopters out there that state how easy they are to fly, but the Black Ghost truly delivers on this all important feature. Charging the inbuilt battery direct from the remote control in just 20 minutes you will get approximately 10 minutes of flying time, and thats more than enough time to take off, make the treacherous journey to the land behind the sofa, perform a thorough scouting mission get back to base and land. In case you should need to mount a rescue mission behind enemy lines after dark the Black Ghost remote controlled helicopter comes complete with a mounted LED searchlight. The Black Ghost offers more precise control than any other remote control helicopter currently available and is just as suited to the novice as the experienced pilot. Features A supremely elegant, fully functional RC helicopter Full front, updown, and leftright movement Super stable in flight A lightweight yet resilient shell Precise digital proportion IR remote control The Black Ghost charges from the remote Suitable for indoor use only Suitable for ages 12 years Requires 6 x AA Batteries not included Size 17 x 14 x 9cm Fast UK delivery, same day despatchNormally next dayBLACKGHOSTBladerunner 3 Mini Remote Control bincategory.cgiitemBLADERUNNER3&sourceawinHome Whats a lineage of forerunners of undeniable quality the Bladerunner 3 arrived at Gadgets Towers and was an instant hit. Ultra stable it is almost as if this particular helicopter is attached to a stick that you cant see like some sort of illusionists trick. Its 3 channel proportional digital control ensures the Bladerunner3 will fly easily in any direction, it comes pre assembled and is good to go straight from the box. A full charge gives you about seven minutes flying time, and of course its tough enough to withstand the odd crash landing, although being as stable as this is theyll be very few and far between. The stability and easy of flying means that youre sure to have masses of fun with this helicopter. Features Super stable indoor flyer 3 channel remote control Digital proportional control Counter rotating dual rotors Ready to fly Suitable for ages 12 years Requires 1 x 9V and 4 x C Batteries not included Size approximately 285 x 230 x 130mm Fast UK delivery, same day despatchNormally next dayBLADERUNNER3Radio Control Blimp bincategory.cgiitemBLIMPBOMBER&sourceawinHome Big Boys radio controlled blimp bomber is a massive menace with an indoor flying range of 100 feet and 3 channel micro motor jet thrusters for complete control over speed and direction. The silver metallic Mylar helium refillable balloon provides superior flying action as its almost weightless bulk glides around obstacles we even include a spare mylar balloon free! The push of a switch on the radio control activates the bomb release, dropping foam bombs on a target that you place on the ground. A vinyl target is included to make it easy to test your piloting and bombing skills. Give each player a time limit to drop their bombs on the target, and the one with the best score wins! Requires 9V battery for transmitter, CR123A 3V battery for module, and helium for blimp available at florists and balloonparty stores. For ages 8Fast UK delivery, same day despatchNormally next dayBLIMPBOMBERInflatable Colour Changing bincategory.cgiitemBLOWLITE&sourceawinHome Around the Blowlite is a funky new idea in mood lighting. Simply inflate the blow up lamp, switch on and party! When you are finished, it's easily deflated and packed away, ready for next time! Once switched on, the inflatable lamp sequences through an amazing set of colours, helping any party go with a swing, or buy several of them and have a seriously funky evening beach party. Careful though the Blowlite is great for indoor or outdoor use, but is not waterproof, so dont try to use it in the rain or on a pool. The Blowlamp isnt just a party animal though, they are fantastically soothing in any chillout area, and are great for helping young children drift off to sleep. The Blowlite uses tiny, inexpensive and easily replaced LR44 button cells supplied which last up to an amazing 48 hours, plenty for several great parties. Features Inflatable Blowlite Lamp Soothing multi coloured glow Made from durable plastic Easily inflated or deflated Takes 3x LR44 button cells supplied Measures 18 x 14 x 14cm 7 x 6 x 6in approx Fast UK delivery, same day despatchNormally next dayBLOWLITEBluetooth bincategory.cgiitemBLUEDONG&sourceawinHome Office, Desk and you mobile phone, and various other compatible devices to your PC without the need for all those cables with our USB Bluetooth Dongle. Its a well known fact that any sort of cable is just waiting for your back to turn so they can tangle themselves! Simply install the drivers included not compatible with Windows Vista plug the Bluetooth Adaptor into a free USB port and away you go! Features Bluetooth V2.0 Backwards compatible with 1.X version Connection range of 10 metres Enhanced data rate up to 2.1 Mbps Dimensions Approximately 70 x 20 x 10mm Support for universal device drag 'n' drop file transfer as well as compatibility with mobile phone management software including Nokia PC Suite Sony Ericsson PC Suite incl. Sony Ericsson File Manager, Sony Ericsson Image Editor & Sony Ericsson MMS Home Studio Samsung Easy Studio Motorola Phone Tools, and many more! Contains Bluetooth USB Adaptor CD with Driver Quick Setup Guide Fast UK delivery, same day despatchNormally next dayBLUEDONGBluetooth USB Dongle with Mobile Phone bincategory.cgiitemBLUETHMPT&sourceawinHome Discontinued Bluetooth USB Adapter adds Bluetooth technology to your existing computer to let it connect wirelessly with all devices enabled with Bluetooth technology. From up to 10 meters away you can effortlessly transfer data to other Bluetooth devices such as desktop or notebook computers, PDAs, scanners, printers, and mobile phones wirelessly. Also enables you to connect your Bluetooth headset to your PC to use with video conferencing or Internet telephone calls! And there's more! Our comprehensive Mobile Phone Tools software sold elsewhere for over #40 makes it all happen easier SMS Manage text messages directly from your PC. Phonebook and Synchronisation Keep all your contacts in just one phonebook and synchronise your laptop and mobile phone contacts bases. Dialer Make calls directly from your PC. Ringtones Personalise your mobile phone ringtones and save them on your computer. Fax Benefit from having comprehensive fax features always to hand on your PC or notebook. E mail Manage your personal and professional e mails using the same intuitive interface. GPRS Simplify your GPRS configuration and management with the powerful, integrated wizard. Support Audio Gateway Profiles Bluetooth version 1.1 compliant Class 2, 10M distance Point to multipoint support for up to 7 active links Data rates up to 721 Kbs Compatible Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows MeFast UK delivery, same day despatchNormally next dayBLUETHMPTRetro Mini Bluetooth Phone bincategory.cgiitemBLUETOOTHMINI&sourceawinHome Sound and all seen those people wandering around the supermarket talking to themselves like some sort of nutter. The reality is that they arent really mad, theyre using their Bluetooth Headset to talk on their mobile phone. However it is the general consensus of society that these things make you look ridiculous if used any time other than when driving. Of course you dont always want your shiny new 'all the bells and whistles' mobile phone on view, so what do you do The Bluetooth Mini Phone is a handset that pairs with your phone and hangs around your neck on a convenient lanyard, so when your phone rings you can keep it safely tucked away and answer using the Mini Phone Handset. With crystal clear sound, cute looks and simple setup, the Bluetooth Mini Phone is the perfect antidote to having a piece of uncomfortable, unsightly plastic stuck to your head! Features Lightweight Bluetooth Mobile Phone Handset weighs only 100g Comes with full instructions, and lanyard Fast UK delivery, same day despatchNormally next dayBLUETOOTHMINISkull and Crossbones Ice bincategory.cgiitemBONECHILLERS&sourceawinHome Funky are Pirates so cool Easy! They plonk a couple of these Bonechillers Skull and Crossbone Ice cubes into their Mug o Grog. So now with these great ice cube trays you can get about as priatey as you can, failing having a foul mouthed parrot on your shoulder or your hand bitten off by a Crocodile and replaced with a hook of course. Hand these out to your guests at your next social event and in no time youll all be referring to each other as Scurvy Dogs, and wanting to take to the High Seas in search of Booty and buried treasure. Features Bonechillers is made from soft, food safe synthetic rubber Each pack contains one tray capable of making 8 Bone chillers 4 Skulls, 4 Crossbones Fast UK delivery, same day despatchNormally next dayBONECHILLERSBotanicals Indoor Greenhouse bincategory.cgiitemBOTANICALSKIT&sourceawinHome Discover and your green fingers going with these great Botanicals Indoor Greenhouse Kits. Whether you go for the Exotic Jungle with its Insect eating plants, the Fairy Garden with its mystical magical feel, or the Cactus Jungle with its spikey Cacti these kits contain everything you need, and take only four simple steps to set up. 1. Read the activity sheet, set up the greenhouse and place the soil tray inside.2. Add the peat pellets and 1 litre of water to the tray. Watch as the pellets turn into fluffy soil.3. Plan your garden layout and plant your seeds, adding extra decorations if you wish.4. Day by Day care for your garden and see your plants germinate and grow. Each pack contains dehydrated soil, seeds, and a collapsible plastic greenhouse, as well as miniature tools. These Greenhouses are a perfect introduction to plants and gardening, or just to bring a touch of green to any home or office area. Each pack contains Mini Greenhouse Seeds Peat Pellets Three Garden Tools Poster and activity guide Fast UK delivery, same day despatchNormally next dayBOTANICALSKITCactus bincategory.cgiitemBOTANICALSKITC&sourceawinHome Coming UK delivery, same day despatchNormally next dayBOTANICALSKITCFairy bincategory.cgiitemBOTANICALSKITF&sourceawinHome Coming UK delivery, same day despatchNormally next dayBOTANICALSKITFExotic bincategory.cgiitemBOTANICALSKITJ&sourceawinHome Coming UK delivery, same day despatchNormally next dayBOTANICALSKITJCorona Glass bincategory.cgiitemBOTTLEGLASSCOR&sourceawinHome Coming that don't cost the earth. Handmade in Cornwall from famous brand beer bottles such as the iconic 450ml swing top Grolsch Bottle, and Sol and Corona, these unique goblets are manufactured using using materials and processes that are designed to be as energy efficient as possible. The creation of a great looking glass from a used bottle is an art and so a lot of production process is still by hand. Every bottle goes through seven different processes in its transformation. Each glass is cut, the edge ground and then melted to create a smooth surface to drink from. To make the glasses as strong and hard wearing as possible they are then annealed in a long oven at varying temperatures for 2 hours. From start to finish it takes about 3 hours for a bottle to go through the process of transformation into a wine glass. Bottles are sourced from wherever the manufacturers can get them, even the local scouts help collecting! Apparently in the early days they had to resort to buying full bottles and drinking them, what a tough job! But now that recycling is more commonplace, they have invented a special no smash" bottle collection bank to preserve the unique original bottle design. The original recycled bottle glasses were designed in South Africa, where most of the original work was done to refine the production process to turn the empty bottles into reusable goblets. All the water used in the factory is filtered and reused. Recycled material is used wherever possible for packaging. Because we use recycled bottles our designs change slightly with the shape, colour and size of the original bottle available. We can guarantee that all our glasses will look fantastic and be great to drink from. Recycled Beer Bottle Glass Goblet features Dishwasher safe Original bottles used Approx 21cm tall Grolsch holds approx 500ml Sol and Corona hold approx 330ml

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