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Beer Belt Bottle Opener

Beer Belt Bottle Opener

Taking the fashion world by storm the beer belt is this year’s must have fashion accessory! Made of stylish black webbing with a chunky silver belt buckle, that’s got a grip strong enough to even hold in my belly! Beer belt has a bottle opener attached to the other end that can be used to open bottle caps not wine corks…… oooh imagine being skewered down there by a corkscrew. That would be very painful.With life’s most wanted commodity attached to the other end of your belt your ready to conquer the earth. The urge to open your cold one might have you looking like a fumbling, dirty old man but once you get the hang of it you’ll be cracking caps off bottles like the belt was an extra limb. Just don’t forget you don’t need to show everyone your leopard skin boxers to use your belt to its full bottle opening potential. How embarrassing would that be

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from : Crazy About Gadgets

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