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Bedlam Cube Puzzle

Bedlam Cube Puzzle

Named after its inventor Bruce Bedlam, this rather innocent looking puzzle is claimed by experts to be the Rubik’s cube of the 21st Century, the 3 D Bedlam Cube Puzzle is the ultimate thinker's puzzle. Playing the Bedlam cube is educational, improves spatial awareness and hand eye co ordination, but with 19,186 different solutions available you may take longer than you think to solve this puzzle.To solve the Bedlam puzzle, or should we say cube, all you have to do is fit the 13 different geometric pieces back into the box. This may sound easy, but because there’s 19,186 different solutions available, it is in fact extremely difficult, and if we’re honest, can be very frustrating!Devised as a personal challenge, the Bedlam Cube is a puzzle with thousands of solutions which is within everyone's capability……. eventually. However the reality is that once you get going, it’s very addictive to play and really difficult to solve. But through practice and familiarity of the pieces, you’ll learn the secret of the Bedlam Cube. And we know because we’re still trying to find the solution!Despite the fact that there are thousands of these 3D puzzles in circulation, so far only about 100 people have ever solved it, and as yet, no one in the US has been able to come up with the solution. The Bedlam Cube is fast earning a reputation as the hardest and most addictive 3 D Puzzle in the world, so if you’re looking for a challenge, then this is definitely it

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