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Basil Bean Pod

Basil Bean Pod

All the top chefs agree that there is one thing that makes a huge difference to the quality of food fresh ingredients! Unfortunately, we dont all have spacious kitchen gardens in which to grow our own herbs, so we usually have to make do with dried crispy stuff in a box, or a hugely expensive plastic tray containing 3 organic leaves which were flown in from Outer Mongolia. The Bean Pod is an elegant mini plant propagator, the perfect product to pep up your cuisine. With little effort you could grow a mini herb garden from scratch in the kitchen window or what about taking one to the office too That would really make your daily sandwich something a bit special! Inside each bean shaped pod is a disc of compressed cocoa fibre peat. Add water, and it expands to fill the bottom half of the pod. Attach the sucker, stick the pod to a window, sow the seeds contained in the sachet and there you have it; your very own mini herb garden. You could be enjoying fresh herbs within a fortnight and with a little care, you could still be enjoying them for weeks to come. When the crop finally finishes though, you can simply add some more seeds and start all over again! The Bean Pod is sturdy product, made in the UK and is reusable time and time again. It makes an absolutely perfect present for anyone who likes food personally I never eat anything else. Bean Pod features Choose from three popular herbs; basil, chives or parsley Includes Bean Pod, compressed cocoa peat disc, seeds, suction pad. Complete with full instructions Measures 16cm x 6.5cm x 8cm 6 x 2.5 x 3in approx Does not need a windowsill! Does not need green fingers!

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